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General Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in Flyleaf Journal. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our general guidelines below. When you are ready to submit, use our online submission manager.


Flyleaf Journal is a competitive, paying market which publishes one high-quality short story and illustration each month in both digital and printed formats. Recent contributors include new, emerging, and internationally-acclaimed authors and artists. We're committed to publishing the majority of our publications from unsolicited manuscripts and are open to all styles and genres (except for erotica). We prefer writing that is evocative and concise, drawing the reader into the story from the very beginning. The best way to familiarize yourself with our tastes is to read one or two of our past issues, which can be found here.






What We Publish:


Fiction: Submissions should generally not exceed 5,000 words. We prefer succinct writing over sprawling diatribes, but what matters most to us is quality. Most of our stories average 4,000 words or less. If you have a story that you feel is a good fit for us, please sent it.


Visual Arts: Each short story is paired with an illustration that is conceptualized by a variety of talented artists. If you would like to create a cover illustration, please submit up to five images of any kind. Artists who submit are unpaid and retain all rights to their works. Response time for artwork can be longer, as we hold pieces until we match them with a written component. Please submit .jpg file types. Featured pieces of new, upcoming, and established artists reach a large, supportive audience.






Quick Facts:


  • We accept and read submissions from October 1st to July 31st via our online submission system. We do not accept mailed or electronic submissions in other formats.

  • All manuscripts must be previously unpublished. This includes any print or online formats. If interested in reprinting a piece of fiction, check our Editor's Reprint Award.

  • Multiple and simultaneous general submissions are accepted, so long as we're notified via Submittable if a piece is no longer available.

  • Include a short (75 words or less) bio including publication history, education, and any other relevant information in a cover letter to be used as a contributor bio in the event of publication.

  • As funds allow, we reward our writers and illustrators. A nominal fee is charged via Submittable which allows us to remain a paying market and offer streamlined services like Submittable.








Publication Rights: We publish only previously unpublished work. If we select your submission for publication, you grant us First Publishing Rights and Exclusive Rights for the first three months your work appears with Flyleaf Journal. Rights include Nonexclusive Archival Rights: We archive all published work indefinitely in our online archives. At the time of publication, all other rights revert to the author. If your work is republished elsewhere, credit Flyleaf Journal as the original publisher.


Payment: We believe good writing and art deserves recognition, and, as funds allow, we remain a paying market. The $3 Submittable charge helps with the financial burden of running Flyleaf Journal and allows us to reward writers and illustrators upon publication. For now, we maintain payments of $25 for fiction and $100 for original cover illustrations. As Flyleaf Journal grows, we hope to increase these amounts.

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