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Thank You & Goodbye to Flyleaf Journal (Temporarily)

Dear fans of Flyleaf Journal–

Today marks our three-year anniversary.

I’m writing to let you know that the last issue was our final one.

It’s with a heavy heart but optimistic mind that I bring you this news. I approached Parker, the co-editor of the literary journal, earlier this week to break the news to him. I told him that I love the work we’ve done, but that it was time for me to step down so that I can focus on other projects. He responded by making the suggestion to end the literary journal now so that I could get working on those new ideas. I could go on and list all of short stories, job opportunities and more, but the point of this letter is not to promote me. The point of this letter is to clarify why we’re stopping and thank you, our readers.

I will say that this was not an easy decision; in fact, I put off sharing my thoughts with Parker for a quite a while. But as new projects came to fruition and others started to germinate, I felt it would be dishonest to him, our team and our audience to keep going. We’ve both felt less than motivated to continue editing this journal, so as a result, we are choosing to bring it to a close.

I’ll never forget the wonderful work from all of the talented artists and writers we've published over the years.

Thank you for reading and supporting the work for the past three years. I know Parker, Chasity, and our entire editorial team along with our long-standing artist friends who have followed us along this journey will join me in sharing this gratitude. I will always remember this as one of the most exciting and educational chapters of my life.

With much gratitude,

Matthew Jankiewicz

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