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Looking Back on 2014

It's that time of year again when we look back with a tinge of sentimentality and reflect on what we've done during the past year. Flyleaf Journal would like to recognize the accomplishments of our distinguished authors published this year or forthcoming in a future issue. We encourage our readers to explore the pages of other literary publications who continue to keep the tradition of excellent storytelling alive. We look forward to sharing more great literary voices with our devoted readers in the new year!

Randy Osborne (Issue #14: "Warehouse")

In 2014, Randy had nine pieces published. Four ended up in print anthologies, including Flyleaf Journal: Vol. 1 and three "best of" collections. Also, three of his essays were nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

Anthony Martin (Flyleaf Journal, 2015)

"Ill Not in the Mind" (Pea River Journal)

Pushcart Prize Nominee

"Sunspots on a Calendar Week" (Squawk Back 126, Summer 2014)

"Some Filament Abroad" (Timber Journal, Summer 2014) & accompanying interview

"Perry and Vega" (Lunch Ticket, June 2014)

"Up to St. Paul" (WhiskeyPaper, March 2014)

"Two Thousand Miles Running" (CheapPOP, March 2014)

Best of the Net Nominee

Madison Robbins (Flyleaf Journal, 2015)

"Truths" (Smashed Cat Magazine, January 2014)

"Hands" (, January 2014)

A creative nonfiction essay published in Writing Tomorrow Magazine (October 2014)

Frank Scozzari (Issue #13: "Ghosts of the Villa Borghese")

"The Cowboy and the Ballerina" - Pacific Review (April 2014 Issue – San Diego State University)

"Children of the Tides" - THEMA, Under the Shadow of the Shark (Vol. 26, No. 3 – Autumn 2014) "The Happy Mule" - The Bitter Oleander (Volume 20, Number 2 – Autumn 2014) "Too Old for War" - War, Literature & the Arts (Volume 26, 2014 – U.S. Air Force Academy) "Old Makatiku"- Short Fiction ( Fall 2014 – Vol. 8, Plymouth University, England) "Two Men and a Gun" - The Worcester Review (Volume 35 – Nov 2014)

"Three Days Out" - Red Weather (Dec 2014 – Minnesota State University, Moorhead)

Star Spider (Issue #12: "How Can We Ever Be Better?)


"Shine" - Empty Mirror (Fall 2014)

"Remembered in the Soil" - Purple Pig Lit (Fall 2014)

"The Same" - The Quilliad (Fall 2014)

"Insomnia" - Gone Lawn (Fall 2014)

"The Giver" - Bitterzoet (Fall 2014)

"Of Gods and Curtains" - Apeiron Review (Fall 2014)

"Honey & Rye" - Klipspringer Magazine (Fall 2014)

"Muriel & Ryan" - Close to the Bone, Near to the Knuckle (Fall 2014)

"Now" - Lantern Magazine (Summer 2014)

"Double Stuffed Oreo" - ExFic (Spring 2014)

"Hungry" - Black Treacle (Spring 2014)


Short List - Room Magazine Contest 2014 - "Camels for Freedom"

Long List - Raymond Carver Short Story Contest 2014 - "We all have wings"

Long List - CBC Creative Non-fiction Prize 2014 - "Camels for Freedom"

Honourable Mention 2014 - Friends of Merril Contest - ‘The One in Green"

Sahar Mustafah (Issue #3: "Torn")

"Arabs in Chicago" (essay) Great Lakes Review

"Widow," Hair Trigger 36

"Failed Treaties" Up Against The Wall (

Eric Charles May (Issue #1: "The Girl Who Wished")

Eric's novel Bedrock Faith was named a Notable African-American Title by Publishers Weekly and made the 2014 Top Ten Debut Novel list by Booklist magazine.

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