THE SOUND by Mike McCorkle

THE SOUND by Mike McCorkle

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"Who's there?" the old man yelled from his kayak. An oppressive silence overcame him like a wave. He was not a man to hear voices in the night nor to go to church on Sunday, but how can he deny the haunting, audible intonation?


The sinister voice warned him as the boat crested over the first waves he met on the two nautical-mile, open-water crossing. He wondered for a moment if his mind was truly escaping him. Madness, however subjective, he rarely deferred to. In solitude noises can be explained away as the consequences of isolation. Despite his predilection to heed the plea of this sound, the old man continued, dismissing the warning as an encroachment of his imagination.
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    Mike McCorkle is an emerging fiction writer and freelancer based out of Seattle. He recently spent a year living in Mexico instructing English and now works as a writing mentor and private instructor in the south Puget Sound. When he is not writing, Mike can found exploring the backwoods with his son Rylan and Labrador Betsy.

    Samuel Reeves is a human born artist who grew up in the wild recesses of his imagination. After a time he went to school to receive some classical training in how to use those stick things with the hair at one end.