STREET GIRL by William Falo

STREET GIRL by William Falo

Anton watched the people leave the gothic-style church after a rare winter wedding and felt the dull ache in his stomach spread to his heart. He blinked away the tears before they could fall.

The bookstore was emptier then usual and the loneliness became too much to bear, so he put up the closed sign. A door slammed and footsteps pounded on the sidewalk.

“Stop, you pest!” someone shouted. He turned to see Radu, a fellow shop owner in the market, grab a street boy and throw him to the ground. With the deftness of a panther catching its prey, Radu straddled him and lifted a clenched fist. The boy wore a blue hat that had fallen down over his ears as he squirmed to get free, but Radu had a strong grip from years of working in the market.
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    William Falo’s stories have appeared or are forthcoming in Emrys Journal, 34th Parallel, Skyline Review, Foliate Oak Review, Oak Bend Review, Open Wide Magazine, The Linnet’s Wings, The View From Here, The Monarch Review, and others. He was nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

    Mark Para lives in the Chicago suburbs with his wife, Helena, and his dog Dino. He draws inspiration from intricate craftsmanship and vintage charm. His taste is further influenced by his love of cars and modern architecture, as well as a great appreciation for the simplicity of nature. Among his many hobbies, Mark collects fine automatic timepieces and spends time restoring his antique Mercedes 250S. His other designs can be seen at