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CONJURE by Alice Hoffman

CONJURE by Alice Hoffman

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It was August, when the crickets sang slowly and the past lingered in bright pools of glorious light, even though it would soon be gone, the way summer was all but over, yet the heat was still on the rise. The weather had been extreme that month: days of drenching rain, sudden showers of hail, temperatures passing record highs. Local children whispered that an angel had fallen to earth in a thunderstorm. There were roving groups who swore they had found signs. Footprints in the grass, black feathers, a campfire in the woods behind the high school where there were sparks of shimmering ash. One neighborhood boy vowed that he had seen a man in a black cloak rise above the earth and walk on air, and although no one believed his account, mothers began to keep their children home. They locked the doors, called in the dogs, kept the lights on after dusk.
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    ALICE HOFFMAN is the author of twenty-eight works of fiction, including Practical Magic, The Red Garden, Here on Earth (Oprah's Book Club Selection), and the recent blockbuster bestseller The Dovekeepers. She lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

    TIMOTHY TANG is a freelance illustrator and concept artist. He was born in Manila, Philippines and studied illustration at San Jose State University. He enjoys island-related objects and subjects because they remind him of home in the Pacific Islands. He currently lives and works in the Bay Area.
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