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The Intersection of Art and Narrative.

Based in Chicago, Flyleaf Journal publishes exceptional short fiction written by both emerging and established writers. We believe that great stories can be both entertaining and profound, leaving a lasting impression on readers long after they put the story down. Each issue we publish is comprised of a single short story and an accompanying illustration designed by a graphic collaborator. the idea behind the single-story concept is to grant our readers an immerssive experience without the distractions typically found in a bound book with many stories competing for attention.


On the back of each printed issue is a Reader's Log for the reader to sign their name before mailing out to a friend, thus simulating a chain-mail effect that will allow the conversation surrounding the story to expand beyond the limits of geopraphy.


We invite you to subscribe to our literary journal or choose from our back issue collection to begin reading today.


Flyleaf Literary Journal Chicago
Flyleaf Literary Journal Chicago Issue #1 The Girl Who Wished by Eric Charles May
Flyleaf Literary Journal Chicago Issue #2 Accidental Falls by Christina Murphy
Flyleaf Literary Journal Chicago Issue #3 Torn by Sahar Mustafah
Flyleaf Literary Journal Chicago Issue #5 Good News or Money by Patricia Ann McNair
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